We will summarize in this publication, the most frequent questions we receive about the purchase process in our online store

We explain first-hand how we work in our online store so that you have no doubts about when you will receive your purchase, how you can pay for it, and more outstanding questions.

Remember that if your question is not on this list, you can contact us at (507) 6613-9036 or from the contact section in this LINK


Do you have a physical store?

We’re an online-only retailer. This means that we don’t have any physical stores, and due to safety reasons we can’t let customers into our Fulfilment Centre. 

If you have questions about a product, our friendly Customer Service team is here to help. You can contact us by submitting a request below. Don’t forget, we offer free returns and exchanges!

Questions about Payment Methods

What are the payment options? Any purchase from our online store can be paid by Paypal, credit / debit card, Visa Master Card (by bank transfer, only if you are in Panama)

My card gives me an error and I can't complete the payment even though I have a balance left over. Most denied transactions are caused by card limits. Check with your bank to be able to raise the daily, weekly or monthly limit. The second most common failure is trying to make the payment with a very old or out-of-date browser. Bank payment gateways require an updated browser to keep your data safe at all times. Try to make the purchase from another updated browser.

Can I trust to give you my card details? From Verde Limón Panama we do not have access to your bank details at any time. When entering the payment process, you are directed to the bank's secure payment gateway. Your data is totally invisible to us. Once the payment has been made, it is the bank that gives us instant confirmation that the payment has been processed correctly.

If I pay by transfer, will it take longer to receive my purchase? When paying by transfer, the payment can take up to 48 hours on working days, depending on the bank. The shipment will be made the moment the money is received in our account.

Do you accept American Express? Yes, at this time we do accept American Express Online cards only through Pay Pal

Questions about shipping

How long will my purchase take to arrive?
They carry an approximate waiting time of 15 to 20 days. We take care of everything, and we send it to you at the address you gave us.

What is the minimum order for not paying shipping?  We have free shipping. For the countries of the USA, Europe, and Panama. All the other purchases pay for shipping for a maximum of $100.00, after which it will be free.

Are there products that have higher shipping costs? No, the minimun start as low of $3.99  for one item from there increase $2 for each aditional item. up to $100 value purchase, where the shipping amount will be zero.

Warranty Questions

Who should I contact in case the product reaches me wrong? In this case you should contact us directly because if the product has been defective, we will give you a refund of your money. please consult the refund and returns section

Questions about Returns

Can I return my purchase if the product is in perfect condition, but I have changed my mind? We guarantee our products, we suggest reading the refund and returns section

How long do I have for returns? The deadline is 10 business days after receiving your order and 45 business days from when you paid the order

Who pays the shipping costs in case of returns? All the return shipping cost must be paid by the customer.

Do you have more questions or have we not resolved your question? Write us a message!